Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Side Effects of Colonex

Colonex Colon Cleansing Program claims that there are no reported negative side effects but on a side note they add that if you have any concerns to consult with your doctor before taking any of the formulas. It sounded good for me that there should be no side effects and so I bought my first Colonex formula and tried it. Unfortunately, my experience with Colonex has not been a smooth one.

I have been on Colonex for nearly a month now, in fact, 21 days to be exact. I am and have been experiencing some side effects from the program. Like I said, I'm currently on day 21, and ever since the very first day, I have been having a bad headache. Before the treatment, I rarely had headaches. It's pretty bad. I know that it has to be the Colonex because I always get it about an hour after drinking it.

I got pretty concerned with the headaches and gave a call to customer service at Colonex. They told me that it was normal to have some headaches and that I shouldn't be too concerned with it. She further told me that the headaches should disappear in a few days. But sadly, they haven't. I still have headaches everday, some days more serious than others. Aside from the headaches, I feel that after taking Colonex, I seem to have developed a case of constipation. The rep at the customer service said that drinking more water would be helpful. I really hope that will help because I am getting a bit worried.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Why is Colonex the best?

Colonex is by far the best colon cleanser out there because of its effectiveness and safety based on its ingredients. There are more than 40 herbal ingredients used in the Colonix formula which are proven effective for colon cleansing. The fiber in the kit is in a powder form which is more effective than capsules or tablets. The capsules in the anti-parasite component are vegetarian, not gelatin.

Colonex backs up its product by its guarantee. There is a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee with a free shipping option. Policies are clearly defined, including a hassle-free return policy. Company information is easy to find, photos of customer service personnel are shown on the website. Live customer support is available seven days a week. You actually get to talk to someone when you have questions.

Colonex's pricing of $63 to $88 per one-month kit for a three-step program is reasonable and a good value for the money. They even give you free shipping. (Pricing depends on how many packs you buy at the same time.)

Above all, Colonex is so easy to use and it happens to taste good.

Colonex = Colon Cleansing

After 5 days of using Colonex, I had a very big bowel movement, and eliminated a huge rope of "mucoid plaque". I did some research online, and found out these were the toxins and fecal matter that was clogging up my colon, and causing my health problems. We all need to realize our colon is a crucial part of our health. If it isn't healthy, we can develop serious diseases anytime.

Here's another statistic that will show you just how crucial colon cleansing is: Dr. John Kellogg of B. Creek said that 'that 90% of the diseases of civilization are due to improper functioning of the colon.' 90% is a staggering figure - but it makes sense.. our colon plays a role in digestion, and absorption of nutrients as well as removing wastes! If we don't absorb our nutrients properly, our organs don't perform as efficiently. If we remove wastes properly, toxins remain in our body and wreck havoc! We all need to take responsibility of our health...